Grace Memory Care History

Assisted Living in a Family Home

My parents lived out their final years with excellent care in an environment of comfort, respect and love.”


Serving the Spring/Woodlands, Texas area for the past 10 years, Grace Memory Care is owned and operated by Annie Cotrau, a Register Nurse with over 20 years’ experience in Geriatric Care and Management. Her calling is to maintain the quality of life of our aging senior residents, to love, to serve, to influence, to bless, and to make a difference in their lives.

Annie and her team believe in creating a loving environment that maximizes each resident’s potential. We don’t want our residents to feel at home, but to be at home, and to live the end of their lives well. Quality of life is not only at the Garden Club at 3 PM, but also ongoing throughout the day in our care, our attitude, our engagement, and through the structured and non-structured activities we put forth.


2010 TORCH Home of the Year Award Winner

Our team focuses on what the rest of the brain can do. They fulfill and enrich our residents’ lives by promoting a positive sense of well-being – “friendship is the best medicine”. We want them safe, comfortable and accepted, where their strengths are known, their contributions are recognized, and their identity and concept of self and worth are reinforced.